Health Management & Marketing Alliance


Comprehensive Practice Analysis leading to the development of marketing and management strategies. Included are personnel evaluations, practice environment and operations recommendations, as well as competitor shopping.

Internal Marketing Programs designed to stimulate patient interest in cosmetic procedures, skin care and anti-aging/wellness services. Additionally, we design creative strategies to increase patient referrals.

Train & Motivate Practice Personnel to support interest in aesthetic procedures and ancillary services, as well as actively engage in patient referral development.

Patient Counselor Training in the art of employing subtle and ethical techniques designed to increase procedures, services and patient referrals.

Web Site Design, SEO and productive INTERNET Marketing Programs

Our CEO, Dr. James Polakof, and President, Dr. Michelle Polakof, have consulted with more than 750 practices during the past 30 years. As specialists in medical marketing, they are nationally recognized as leaders in the strategic development of successful techniques to tastefully escalate patient response and significantly increase profits.

Patient Education Seminars & Events designed to increase prospective patient response, as well as enhance physician credibility and practice image.

Video Presentation & Television Commercial development, scripting, production and marketing.

Advertising Campaign creation, media selection, negotiations, placement and coordination.

Press coverage development and feature story creation.

Networking with physicians and surgeons from other specialties to generate patient referrals.

Our President, Dr. James Polakof, has consulted with more than 650 practices
during the past 26 years. As a specialist in medical marketing, he is nationally
recognized as a leader in the strategic development of successful techniques to
tastefully escalate patient response and significantly increase profits


Award Winning Medical Video Presentations

Written, Produced & Directed by Dr. James Polakof
Dr. Gloria J. Polakof, Executive Producer & Editor
Dr. Michelle Polakof, Production Coordinator

Earlier in his career, Dr. James Polakof produced 10 theatrical motion pictures, seven of which he wrote and directed, including three that won major awards. As he began to devote his talents to practice marketing, Dr. Polakof wrote, produced and directed a number of award winning video presentations. These included "Looking Better through the Art of Cosmetic Surgery" featuring Phyllis Diller and "Here's Baby" featuring Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley.

During the past 30 years, Drs. James, Gloria and Michelle Polakof have produced numerous patient education video presentations for plastic surgery practices. These programs creatively focus upon actual patients and genuinely the warm bedside manner and credibility of featured surgeons. By including the offer of a complimentary DVD presentation through web sites and in advertisements, patient response often increases significantly. Additionally, edited segments from these videos are effectively exhibited on YouTube, Facebook and other social media.

Providing a Strategic Edge

Avoiding typical generic practice marketing, the unique abilities of Dr. James Polakof, Dr, Michelle Polakof and Dr. Gloria Polakof to strategically develop cost effective marketing programs tailored to your specific needs - consistently generate productive results. As important, the Polakof's and their support team create a distinctive 'branding' image, which sets your practice apart from the competition.

Today's prospective patients interested in aesthetic procedures range from the 77 million Baby Boomers who are prepared to avoid aging at any cost, through the more conservative Generation X, to the 80 million "text-happy" Millennials. These highly diversified consumers require the strategic, creative capabilities offered by the Polakof's and their colleagues.

We design targeted marketing programs specifically tailored to the nature of your practice in order to effectively reach and motivate these prospective patients. Additionally, Dr. Michelle Polakof is one of the few 'certified' Social Media specialists in the U.S and her creative efforts in what has become the most important area of practice marketing substantially furthers a unique, idiosyncratic image of your brand.

Dr. Michelle Polakof also specializes in developing and implementing internal marketing programs, while motivating your staff to productively assist in practice building. Staff members are trained to utilize advanced techniques in bonding and partnering with patients in order to stimulate enrollment in aesthetic procedures. Additionally, strong focus is placed upon encouraging patient to patient referrals. In accomplishing these objectives the individuality of each staff member is taken into consideration and their personal strengths are developed to increase productivity and achieve positive results.


AdCampaigns, Brochure Creations & Press Coverage

Whatever is required to attract new patients and effectively 'brand' your practice – We Accomplish!



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