Five Marketing Tips to Boost Your Website Response

SEO experts have burst onto the marketing stage recently with success stories, buzz words and technical know-how to impress and confuse even the most knowledgeable plastic and cosmetic surgeons. With SEO experts ruthlessly focused on getting that top Google slot, it is understandable that surgeons become caught up in the hype, invest thousands of dollars in SEO strategies and then are disappointed with their bottom line results.  This is because many with SEO savvy often don't understand the interests and motivation of prospective patients and the art of getting them through the online door. I believe you will find that the following tips place you in a better position to understand what is required to ensure successful organic Search Engine Optimization.

There are five key synergies that your SEO strategy must have with your overall marketing program and web presence. Optimization of the strategic keywords; having a uniquely branded, user friendly site; providing a clear and valuable offer prominently displayed; running targeted email marketing campaigns; and creatively utilizing social media will ensure that your SEO efforts will cost-effectively become more productive. Read More

When are You Paying Too Much for Web Services?

Most companies offering packages for plastic surgery practice web site design and development typically charge between $5,000 to $6,500, (some more, a few slightly less). Most purport to include
search engine.... → Read More


Strategies to Help Patient Counselors Increase Procedure Bookings

Patient counselors are the life-blood of a practice. Unfortunately many practices overwhelm their patient counselors by piling other duties upon them such as office management, reception and medical assistance. This is a significant mistake.
In fact, studies substantiate that if you have a full time patient counselor who is solely devoted to patient development, including prospective patient inquiries, consultation bookings, scheduling  procedures and following up with prospects on a consistent basis, your practice will reap substantially increased revenues.

To be most effective in their position your patient counselor should be sales oriented, or professionally trained in the art of "subtle" selling. Unlike managed care, prospective patients have choice and therefore they must be viewed as consumers. Thus, a patient counselor needs to understand consumer sales techniques from the perspective of what motivates aesthetic procedure prospects?   What are their hot buttons?  What are their true motivations?  Since you never want prospective patients to feel as if they are being "sold"   - there is a very subtle sales ability that comes into play, which is far more difficult to master than a typical "car salesman" selling style which is pressure oriented.  This is a primary reason why professional training for patient counselors is essential. → Read More

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About Dr. Polakof

Dr. James Polakof, has consulted with more than 700 practices during the past 26 years.  As a specialist in medical marketing and management, he is nationally recognized as a leader in strategic practice development, as well as an innovator in creating successful techniques to tastefully escalate patient response and significantly increase profits. The Wall Street Journal once complimented
Dr. Polakof's ability to "ethically market cosmetic surgery utilizing aesthetic patient education tools and subtle, but effective strategies."   He has lectured on practice marketing subject matter for many years at ASPS and ASAPS annual meetings.  Additionally, Dr. Polakof and his colleagues also specialize in web design, SEO, Pay Per Click campaigns and social media marketing. 

For questions related to his website tips, or other practice marketing and management topics,
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